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Lower stomache pains


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I have for over a year been experiencing lower stomache pains or cramps before and during toilet visits. Feces are usually soft/watery and I sometimes need to be sat for 20-30 mins before I'm finished. During this time I feel cramps in my lower stomache but these cramps go away after I finish. 

I have been examined with a coloscopy and they can't find anything wrong inside my large intestine. All blood tests show ok values for whatever they've been testing. I have also been tested against gluten intolerance but the tests were ok. 

I eat bulk some kind of bulk in order to get more stable feces and in period this helps. 

My problems can go away for a week or two but always come back and when they do it usually takes a week or two before it gets better again. I can't connect the bad periods to anything particularly I've eaten but often it gets worse after I've had alkohol the night before. But I can go weeks without alcohol and it doesn't go away completely.

Usually I go to the toilet once or twice in the morning and that's it. Sometimes I need to go 3-4 times as I tend not to get everything out at once. In the afternoon and in the evening I don't have to go so I would say my toilet habbits are pretty stable. However often painful. 


Has anyone got the same experience? I appreciate any help to sort this out. 

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Yes, the same thing happens to me.  Not everything comes out in the morning.

If I eat a high fiber lunch, such as whole grains and cooked veggies, I will also go in the afternoon.

Yes, I do experience pain till it all comes out.

It could be called mixed diarrhea and constipation. They alternate in me depending on what I have eaten the day before.

I was told, and it works, to do a stomach massage before and after eating.

It also helps to allow time to eat uninterrupted.  I try to take out all foods for that meal before sitting down to eat.

then I turn off the news and play classical relax music.  If the phone rings I might let the machine answer it.

All these habits might help you too.

Let me know if try any of these.



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Also fats are really hard to digest so I limit fat intake to 10 grams per meal. I eat the fats and raw veggies at

the end of the meal.

I avoid high sugar products like cake, ice cream, cookies, etc.

good luck!

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I sympathise with your problems and have had similar experiences myself. My bowel movements are constantly changing and inconsistent. They have been mostly tending toward diarrohea and particularly bad over the last 2-3 months, but my GP has no answers, apart from agreeing to my earnest request for a CT scan. I now have to take at least 1 Imodium per day just to be able to get out of the house. Recently this isn`t sufficient and I have to add in a couple of Zapain tablets. These provide pain relief and with the Imodium they slow down my bowels even more, which is desireable.  This is worrying but more so are the lower stomach pains that precede a bout of diarrohea. These have happened only recently but are severe as the pains are followed almost immediately by diarrohea and I need to find a toilet damn quickly. My lower stomach cramps persist on a lower level during the night and sometimes wake me up. All these symptoms cause me stress and anxiety as I have not been conclusively diagnosed with IBS.

Can anyone please offer me advice or comment on my symptoms if you have suffered something similar.

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