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Should I take Imodium?


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HI, I am new to this challenging disease & really appreciate some help.  Imodium used to help me but now I fear it send me to constipation.  Any hot tips?  What do others do>  Some days I feel I must take it or can't leave the house for work.

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Jeffrey Roberts

HI Sandie,

Well, imodium can be constipating. If that's been your go to can you find it in tablets and cut them in half and see if that is less constipating?

There are some different options namely Lotronex and Viberzi. Viberzi is most similar to Imodium, but won't necessary stop you from going for days like Imodium. Lotronex is a very different type of medication. Both Lotronex or Viberzi are prescription medications so you can discuss with your doctor.

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Its hard to find that balance. Sometimes timing is the trick. Wait until stools are loose to take it. I like Jefferys idea. Half pill, see if that helps. A lot is going to be about trial and error. Hope you dont go down the rabbit hole like Im doing with test after test

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