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Sharing my Symptoms


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as diagnosed by my doctor, i do have IBS, and i have stress and anxiety issues. I'm taking no medication so far and i would share my symptoms with you guys because i feel that no one is understanding how bad it feels to have IBS symptoms that pulls anxiety along.

whatever comes first IBS or anxiety brings the other they are linked in my body.

  1. nausea
  2. vomiting
  3. extreme fatigue
  4. body pain
  5. big time bloating
  6. passing gasses
  7. feeling cold
  8. face numbness
  9. chest pain
  10. overthinking
  11. observing symptoms
  12. lightheaded
  13. wanting to sleep
  14. on the edge of panicking
  15. not able to sleep all night long
  16. cloud thinking

not all symptoms are present at the time of the attack but i feel almost 90% of them. and to be honest i don't know when do i need a medical care. because I've been living with this for more than 3 years now.

In addition, that some of the symptoms like feeling chills, fatigue, body pain, wanting to sleep sticks with me after the attack for few days (4-6 days).


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Jeffrey Roberts

I do agree "whatever comes first" because I'm not personally convinced that anxiety brings on IBS, but rather IBS creates anxiety and then you are in a vicious cycle with gut symptoms. I am sorry you have to live this way.

Your list is rather complete for someone with IBS; however, those symptoms are not directly related to IBS, but rather how each of us feels at one moment or another.

You might benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy or hypnotherapy to try and manage your anxiety which might help a lot of those symptoms.

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