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We want to hear from you about your Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C)

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

The impact of IBS-C is real

Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation (IBS-C) can be difficult. The symptoms of abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation can be bothersome and can make it challenging to fully participate in daily activities. 

What’s your experience with IBS-C?

Are your symptoms managed or are you still bothered by them? We have partnered with Ardelyx, Inc., a pharmaceutical manufacturer, to create a survey to help us to better understand the experience of people living with IBS-C.

It’s important to understand the impact of IBS-C on patients’ lives

IBS-C is often a misunderstood condition, and the impact and burden of symptoms on patients are not fully recognized by everyone in the healthcare community. By participating in this anonymous survey, you will help us better understand the patient experience to help educate others in the healthcare community and improve the care of people with IBS-C.

zu1Ps2tV6m3twg5vy2xSiGGXXyLIVqWdqJYEfk0o  Click here to complete the short survey

Survey results will be shared with everyone along with Ardelyx, so that you can see how others living with IBS-C answered the same questions.

This email and survey was created with and sponsored by Ardelyx, Inc., a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

US-UBI-0012 10/2023

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