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Hi. I've been diagnosed 10yrs now, I have ibs mixed , predominantly its D . I've had a few too many flare ups this year. I am afraid too eat.  What foods are best during flare ups ? There are conflicting information online.  My GP isn't much help, I can't eat certain foods , apples, banana,  nuts, yogurts , no matter what I eat I have to go to the bathroom straight after. I've been prescribed Mebeverine and peppermint capsules,  they somewhat help . It makes me anxious to eat at work especially 

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Jeffrey Roberts

I definitely share the concern about what to eat during a flare.

If we back up a bit, why do you think you are having so many flares this year? Has something changed?

I sympathize with you that the treatment options in the UK are rather limiting for IBS. There was some good research that confirmed that both the medications amitriptyline or ondansetron help patients with IBS-D. Your doctor can look up the studies.

In terms of eating during a flare, I personally find that you have to stick to the same diet as always. If you reduce fiber or liquids, it just takes longer to recover. I think you should try to get to the bottom of why you are having so many flares. There unfortunately is no particular diet to follow other than reduce foods in high FODMAP. That is best done with a Dietitian.

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