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Looking for support group


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Hello, I'm looking for support groups for IBS or general GI issues within the Bay Area (California) or the UK (online/remotely)? Preferably in person but remote/online is also ok. 

I've had a diagnosis for around 6 months and am increasingly realising the imortance or having a community for support, particually in managing the mental aspects of a chronic diagnosis. If anyone knows of groups please let me know!


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Jeffrey Roberts


Unfortunately, I am not aware of any in-person support groups for IBS any longer. We use this community and our FB group for online support. Nothing else exists that we are aware of.

If you are looking for webinars to learn about treatment options, I am also the co-founder of TuesdayNightIBS.com where we host events; however, they are webinars with no real direct interaction beyond questions at the end of the presentations.

I hope you find some support here to help to manage the illness.

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