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Is the LEAP program from backed by clinical trials? Anyone following it with success?

Phyllis S

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I found a Monash approved dietitian because I really needed some help with my IBS  (GI doctor doesn't have much to offer except a course of Xifaxam) .  I agreed to do the food sensitivity blood test and stool testing at a cost of $1,000 because I was feeling desperate to get some relief from IBS-D.  I missed something because I thought this was in conjunction with Monash Low FODMAPS, to refine what I can eat.  Instead it was for the LEAP program that is based on the results of the blood test.  Some of it doesn't match my real life experience.  After today's session reviewing the stool test results, she gave me a treatment plan of supplements that I have never heard of that looks like it will cost $273 per month.  There was a lot more than this but these are the highlights.

Is LEAP a legitimate thing?  HAs anyone in this forum tried it?  I can't find anything on the internet or even in these forums.  I kind of feel like Im being scammed with these supplements.

I am sure I got an email from Fodmaps Everyday not too long before I got these tests but before I knew they were for LEAP, so I didn't save it.  I am sure it said the blood tests are not accurate and did not recommend LEAP.  But I have gone through my trash and can't find it,

I am not proceeding with this until I can find out more about it and in any case I can't afford to spend $273 a month for supplements.  But if anyone has found this is successful I might give the diet part a go.

I hope someone has some helpful information.   Thank you very much.

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Jeffrey Roberts

I completely understand how desperate it can be to identify a treatment that works n the long term.

LEAP has been identifying food sensitivities for quite some time and I believe does have some research related to it and even a clinical study now; however, it is not something that I would consider for myself as I feel the science hasn't been replicated in a peer reviewed fashion. Biomerica has some newer food sensitivity testing that we just covered in an October TuesdayNightIBS.com webinar. There is evidence to support its use for people with IBS.

I can't advise whether to proceed with supplements. I can tell that it is not evidenced-based and not in the American College of Gastroenterology or the American Gastroenterological Association guidelines for treating IBS.

The proven treatment options for IBS-D medication wise are Lotronex, Viberzi, Amitryptiline and Xifaxin.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy and the low FODMAP diet offer relief to a great deal of individuals.

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