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Am I IBS ?


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first of all, I'm sorry about my English.

My problems started two months ago. I couldn't breathe and went to the emergency room.the necessary tests were performed and I was told that I had gas in my stomach.I didn't have any other problems at the beginning. but then I fell on the subject a lot and I was very worried about it.I went to fifteen different doctors, to the hospital at least twenty times. endoscopy and colonoscopy were not performed.the gastroenterology professor said I HAD IBS.Blood tests, secret blood test in gaita, urine test,ultrasonography were performed. everything looks normal.I have pain on the right side of my belly button that sometimes does not go away. it's causing pain all the way up to my kidneys and liver.the doctors said it was gas pain. blood values are normal.My stomach is also bloating. When I have stomach bloating, it's like someone is squeezing my throat.I didn't experience a lot of diarrhea. I have no complaints of constipation. but the poop is soft, sometimes like mud.Sometimes it's normal. the smell is different from usual, but I think it's starting to improve.he's been bothering me all day. I don't eat anything all day in case it bothers me any more. that's why I can't use prescription drugs either.I feel dizzy from time to time. my vitamin b12 is very low. i think it might be related to this.when I have bloating, I feel pain, especially on my right side and up to the kidney.i'm having indigestion problems . I can't digest some things. fruit peels, etc.is it possible to give an idea about my symptoms? I use probiotics. the doctors gave a medicine for gas. he also gave me a drug called pankeroflat to use with food.it contained anti-gas and pancreatic enzymes.i have very severe abdominal rumbling, especially when I lie down on the sofa in the evening. i will become a father in 3 months, I have excitement and stress. I was also experiencing intense stress when these symptoms started.can you tell me your ideas about these symptoms ? do you think IBS

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I also sleep well at night.I don't have any pain when I go to bed and sleep. when I wake up in the morning, my pain starts gradually.

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