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Ibs with diarrhea and constipation, anxiety


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Hi I am 16 years old and suffer from Ibs, I’ve been struggling going to school recently because of some sort of stress, whenever I tell people I have got ibs they come up with silliness, teasing, calling me a liar and all sorts of stupid questions, is there anyway I could stop stressing about school because I’m missing out on my most important year.

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Gentle advice my friend, focus on managing your condition with you doctor and your immediate family. Don't go about telling your friends and anyone that you think cares... No one really cares you'd find out real quick. 

You're 16, friends are important, manage it accordingly. Remain strong.

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hi Kalos I agree you should be mindful who you share certain things with. Try and focus on selfcare, ignore or avoid where possoble engagimg with such negativiry. I understand this is very challenging at this stage of your life (school and all). Try and focus on things and people that are good for you and your mental wellbeing, as you may know by now ibs thrives on stress and anxiety. Where possible, keep physically active and try and dispel negative thinking into more positive thinking. God bless you. Do things you like doing as long as it is good for you and when anxious i find doing things as a distraction somewhat helps amongst other things.

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