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a bit scared about my new visit to the gastroenterologist next tuesday


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I was diagnosed IBS about 4 years ago, when my IBS produced a fistula that was successfully operated. A couple months ago i had a flare up, that i described as an inflamatory process with diarrea and with no aparent causes. About a month ago a new fistula apeared. I was waiting to go to the gastroenterologist to get it removed again but then last week the following happened:

A week ago i didnt had a flare up (no diarrea) but i did had an inflamatory process. Even now i can feel my belly inflamated. (it has been like that the whole week) im in constant discomfort. Specially on night where i need to sleep in one of my sides. 

The epicenter of the inflamation is the left side, especially under the bottommost rib. I am really scared because depite ive been living with IBS for some time. i have never felt such constant, causeless inflamation. i have been eating nothing but the most safe foods for a week and the inflamation does not subdue. 

I am really scared, anxious and stressing about a it being oncologic. 

Has anyone go trough this specific kind of pain? my left side has been like that for a week and last night i couldnt sleep (mostly due discomfort) until 4:30am

i know i have to wait until the doctor tells me what is it. but i wanted to know if someone here went trough something similar. 


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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello Guido,

I am so sorry for your discomfort.

Fistula's aren't often associated with IBS, but rather with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I wonder if this is what you really have?

IBS is often relieved by a bowel movement. Constant, unrelenting pain, may be something else, although I have had severe bouts of IBS where I have had constant pain on my lower left side.

There are blood tests and stool tests which can look for inflammation. If inflammation is present then the doctor needs to look for another cause other than IBS.

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