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Sigmoid gas pressure?


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Hi. I am not new to IBS. I was diagnosed at 18. I’m soon to be 50. 
this symptom is also not new and I want to know if anyone experiences it. I seem to have pressure. Like a bubble in my lower left quadrant in the intestines. I believe its the sigmoid colon. It feels like trapped gas because a lot of times it comes with gas. But sometimes it feels like gas is trapped. Sort of like where a hernia would be. Its never really painful. Its just very uncomfortable and even after i pass gas it remains. The thing is it remains for months. Its always there. Then a month or two later i never really notice but it disappears for a few months. I’m like wow ive figured it out diet wise. Then it returns a few months later. Again on an anatomical picture it seems to be sigmoid. 

does anyone experience this. Any remedies?

lets talk


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Jeffrey Roberts

The way you describe it is not altogether uncommon for someone with IBS. You don't mention diarrhea or constipation associated with it.

Have you ever been investigated for diverticulitis? Do you notice that you are feverish when you have it/

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