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IBS-C for years but never this bad


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I'm a 61 year old woman who has had IBS of a mixed version until a couple of months ago and now I can't get a crap without taking an Exlax. My gastro prescribed Amitiza but it didn't work at the 8mcg dose and at the 24mcg it messes with my blood pressure (goes low then zooms up, I already have messed up bp as it is) and gives me a terrible headache. Miralax just sits inside me and stool softeners the same. Feels like I have a golf ball in my upper left; I had a CT scan with contrast, showed nothing wrong; I couldn't get through the colonscopy prep, nearly passed out, so will have to be reattempted at some point. I am just at my wit's end, its never been this bad before. I have a bunch of other things wrong, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, and yeah anxiety and depression. I've gained weight even tho I am not eating more. I try to exercise but it is very hard to stay in the habit. 

Thanks for listening.

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Jeffrey Roberts


I can completely relate to what you are currently dealing with. I was more D than C, mixed would the best way to describe it. I recently had antibiotic associated diarrhea and after that recovered I have ridiculous IBS-C. I'm reluctant to go the medication route just yet because I have been more D for so long and I'm trying to wait it out.

Given your age, some sort of imaging would be helpful to make sure nothing sinister is going on. You could ask about MRE or CTE which use contrast or very little to drink to  do the test. I just don't know how useful they are for C versus D.

Also, there are other meds worth considering than Amitiza. Namely, Linzess, Ibsrela or Motegrity.

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