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Hypnosis Could Work Wonders on IBS - The Atlantic

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Hypnosis Could Work Wonders on IBS  The Atlantic


As far-fetched as it may seem, research suggests that hypnotherapy can help patients find relief from all sorts of gut disorders.

By Kate Wheeling

he change in Zack Rogers was sudden. In the middle of his 12th birthday party, his stomach started hurting. He went to bed early that night, missing much of his own slumber party, and then stayed home from school the whole next week. The stomach pain was excruciating, and he couldn’t keep any food down. He lost 40 pounds in just a few weeks.

Zack spent the next three years in and out of hospitals and trying medicines that didn’t seem to work. His doctors eventually told the family that they had only one option: surgery to remove large parts of his damaged colon. But Zack’s mom, Angela Rogers, wasn’t on board. She had lost faith in his medical team and feared such an invasive step, so she asked another gastroenterologist for a second opinion. The new doctor suggested that Zack try one last treatment before surgery: hypnotherapy, in which a clinical professional helps a patient become deeply focused and relaxed in order to change their patterns of thinking.

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