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Spastic Colon Diagnosis

Len Christopher

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I was diagnosed with a spastic colon in 1983 and have lived with it since then taking Lomotil on a daily basis to control my diarrhea. I went thru a series of tests at a local hospital several years ago thinking technology was newer and they would have some recommendations for a treatment. After months of testing, they said I have a spastic colon and to continue with my existing treatment. Being retired for a dozen years and just hearing a friend having a similar issue, I decided to find a support group and possible find others with the same issue.

I am very active on the golf course almost daily and know what I can eat the night before for dinner to somewhat control my issue. For me, diet is pretty much the key but when I am not playing golf or will be home in the morning, I will pretty much enjoy whatever my wife cooks for dinner and suffer in the morning.

Typically, I have no pain or bloating, after 4-5 bowl movements daily and two pills, and watch what I eat for lunch, I am good until the next morning. It was difficult for me when I worked because I sold for a living and traveled extensively. 

I would love to hear from others out there that have similar experiences/issues and how they have handled them or is their another medication on the market today to control this type of problem?

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Len,

You have to be a certain age to have been given the diagnosis of "spastic colon". I fall into that category too so I understand what you are going through.

The worry about an increase in symptoms at an advanced age is whether something else is going on. You describe no pain with 4-5 bowel movements, which isn't typically how IBS presents itself. Pain is usually a hallmark symptom. The diagnosis of spastic colon in 1983 is vastly different than a diagnosis of IBS now. What I am saying is that while you think you are having IBS, I am wondering if there is a different cause for your symptoms.

Have you ever been investigated for celiac disease or any type of malabsorption? Have you ever looked into allergies? Do you know if your gallbladder an pancreas are working well?

I can suggest treatments; however, you truly want to know what you are treating.

If this is really bothersome, I suggest you have a conversation with a doctor and let them determine in 2024 what they think might be going on.

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