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Chronic constipation - can you answer some questions about it?

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

An organization is deciding whether to recruit for a research study about chronic constipation. Answers to these questions will help them make that decision.

If you are dealing with chronic constipation could you please answer all of some of these 4 questions:

(please number your responses)

1. How much do chronic constipation patients trust the Over The Counter (OTC) laxatives currently available? Are alternatives needed?

2. How often each week do these patients take OTC laxatives?

3. What are the common side effects for these OTC laxatives, and are they problematic or manageable?

4. If OTC laxatives are being taken often, are those ongoing costs a concern for chronic constipation patients, or are the costs manageable?

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I think there should be . 
1. I trust otc meds but the warnings say not to use them very frequently so i limit my usage as much ss possible even though i need them more. 
2. At least once to twice a week. 
3. It’s manageable but again, i worry about too much usage. 
4. Cost is manageable. 

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1.  Some of the OTC ones get the job done, but they come with terrible cramping at night and awful diarrhea all day.  The suppositories burn like hell and also cause diarrhea for extended periods.   

2. Sometimes once a week (more or less). 

3.  Terrible cramping, awful diarrhea.  The side effects are both problematic and manageable (still awful though).  

4. Costs are manageable. 

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