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Loperamide/pregnancy desperate for help!!


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I am 17 weeks pregnant and have horrendous IBS-D. 
I’ve taken loperamide to control it for many years, it’s the only thing that helps. 
My dr told me I could not take loperamide whilst pregnant but gave me no alternatives. 
I have no choice but to take it otherwise I end up being incontinent and it doesn’t stop. 

Has anyone else taken loperamide regularly in pregnancy and what is your experience/did everything turn out ok? 
I’m forever feeling guilty and worried (which obviously then makes the diarrhoea worse.) 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Beeptybop,

First of all congratulations! Many people actually say their IBS calms down during pregnancy, but everyone is different.

There really is very mixed information about loperamide during pregnancy. Some say it is the only safe medication and others suggest limited or no use at all. There just isn't enough information to make a decision and I suppose that is why doctors say not to use it.

I will ask this question on our Facebook group,

I am really sorry that you are in this position to have to make a choice.

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