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My teen battle with ibs-c

Jayne T

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Hello my name is Jayne and I was diagnosed with ibs-c a year ago and it has been a struggle for most of my life there are days where I can't be productive because of pain I've always had trouble going to the bathroom ever since I started elementary school up to now high school I have a lot of anxiety about the future and how I can live. 


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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Jayne,

My gut problems started when I was in elementary school. It wasn't until my teens that I was diagnosed. Originally it was constipation and pain, and then it changed to more loose and now I am mixed between C and D with pain.

I appreciate how this adds stress to your life and can make you feel pretty anxious. That can exacerbate your symptoms, but they aren't the cause. Have you spoke to your doctor about how you could try and manage your anxiety?

There are quite a few medications for IBS-C which can help pain and consistency. Has your doctor made any recommendations?

Do your parents understand the trouble you are having coping?

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