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A Novel Vibrating Capsule Treatment for Constipation: A Review of the Literature - Cureus

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A Novel Vibrating Capsule Treatment for Constipation: A Review of the Literature  Cureus

Constipation is a pretty common and sometimes complicated health condition around the world which is characterized by an inability to have regular bowel movements. In response to this worrying trend, various pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions have been embraced to seek to produce promising outcomes, yet patient dissatisfaction continues to be reported. The main aim of this review paper was to determine the effectiveness and safety of the vibrating capsule in treating constipated patients. The key databases that were consulted to get articles on this subject include Google Scholar, Embase, and PubMed. Specific keywords were used in the database search to get the relevant articles. Based on the exclusion criterion, articles that were excluded include conference abstracts, commentaries, preclinical research articles, articles where full texts were inaccessible, and those that had been published in a language other than English. From the results, the safety profile of the vibrating capsule suggests that the intervention is generally well-tolerated, with only mild and transient side effects or adverse events noted, including abdominal discomfort and sensations of mild vibration. However, the impact of these adverse events (although mild to moderate) on the efficacy of the capsule remains unknown, an area requiring further scholarly attention in the future. Concerning the efficacy of the intervention, most studies were found to affirm that the vibrating capsule enhances the physiologic effects of meals and waking on bowel movements, but the need for providers in clinical environments to note the interplay between the number of vibrations and the effectiveness of the capsule or onset of complete spontaneous bowel movements could not be overemphasized. In conclusion, this paper established that the vibrating capsule is an effective and promising technology through which constipated patients could be treated while experiencing minimal or no adverse events, but future research efforts ought to seek to uncover the interplay between the mechanism of action of the capsule and any moderating role played by factors internal or external to patients, including their emotional, mental, and psychological statuses, as well as the type and quantity of food consumed before and after the vibration sessions. 

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