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Urgent bowel movements - Is it IBS-D?


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30, Male.

for the 5 years i partied a lot with late night food, alcohol and smoking.

from the last 2 years I noticed that i have urgency to poop and could not hold it, but it occurred rarely lets say once in 2-3 months so I really didn't cared and let it go.

from the past year i saw that i have increased the bowel movement around 3 times atleast 4 out of 7 days a week.

i approached to the doctor and got tested for fecal calprotein. The results was 95 and doctors told me that if the value is above 300 it could be IBS.

now from the past 2 months, i am experiencing atleast 3 times pooping everyday where i could see some mucus and blood(mild red or pink spots) in my stools. I do sometimes also see like little black seed like things in my stools.


i dont have weight loss or abdominal pain rather always an feeling that i need to poop and it doesnt go away even after pooping. Sometimes if i am totally focus on my work or something else, i dont have the feeling to poop.

have anyone experienced situations like these?

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Jeffrey Roberts

I'm sorry that you are having such urgency to have a bowel movement.

Generally, a fecal caprotectin result above 250 is considered certain and should be investigated for IBD - not IBS. Above 100 is considered suspicious for IBD.

If you have an urge it could mean that you have inflammation at the very end of your colon - namely the rectum. Urgency could be proctitis which could explain the blood in your stools. Hemmorhoids could also explain that since you are having such urgency and going a lot.

You really need someone to either do a digital rectal exam on you and perhaps a sigmoidoscopy to investigate inflammation what might be the cause.

This could be IBS in which case you might benefit from an antispasmodic which might slow down your need to empty your bowels.

When I am having a bad IBS day, I might go 5-7 times in one day. That can go on for a few days. 3 is not too bad; however, the urgency and blood is something that I would look into.

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  • Jeffrey Roberts changed the title to Urgent bowel movements - Is it IBS-D?

Hi Jeffery,

Thank you for your explanation.

my doctors already tried to test it for piles by a physical examination(by putting their finger in the anus) and confirmed no blood and hammorhoids.

also the blood mostly is mixed with mucus and comes only during my 3 or 4th visit to toilet.

constantly what is notice is that, if i try somehow to deviate by engaging in work or with other activities i dont have the feel to poop and I completely forget it.

so could it be a way to outcome my condition? Should I be worried about my blood in stools? As it makes me scary

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Jeffrey Roberts

That is good they performed a digital rectal examination on you.

Blood in the stool always needs to be investigated. That is not a symptom of IBS.

I suggest you ask about a sigmoidoscopy to have a look inside the lower end of your bowel.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Jeffrey,

i have finely managed to book an appointment in 2 weeks. 
meanwhile I have some improvements where i just need to poop once of 2 times a day, but i do get the feel the poop and I am able to control it.

the blood in the stool has been almost stopped. But the stools on my second visit looks mushy but not watery. Sometimes i do see something which looks like tiny chopped carrot bits and I’m not able to conclude of they are blood.

i am not sure if i am having diarrhoea or not.


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Jeffrey Roberts

Try not to drive yourself crazy. An appointment soon will help decide what might be going on.

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