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Has anyone considered a colonectomy


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Jeffrey Roberts

Do you mean a colectomy - removal of your bowel? That is a very extreme treatment that creates a new set of issues.

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I would be very cautious here.  Since IBS cannot be detected on a colonoscopy, where would the surgeons know where to cut?  The risk of the surgery would outway any benefit 

After I realized that no medication is going to work, I started completely over.  First no meds, then introducing the simplest meds at the smallest amount. I was surprised, that MiraLAX [which I thought was a key drug) was not helping at all. I now only take Colace and citrucel cell gummy’s. No more pouring medicine after medicine down my mouth that made my stools look like wet cement. 


I think the best thing I did was to approach my IBS/C from a mental health view. I clearly can see where my anxiety and stress was causing the problem. There is no one answer to the path of IBS management. Currently, I am using the FODMAP diet, heat, walking, massage, acupressure and guided meditation/hypnosis. I am using a program called a Calm and Healthy Gut. It sounds like a silly program that is on a Reddit forum but of all of the things I think it is helped me with my anxiety and the ability to relax my gut. I highly recommend this program of about 60 audio tapes on hypnosis, guided medication, CBT, mental health, and anxiety. But as I said, managing your IBS is a personal journey.


I still need to take laxatives to have a bowel movement. But I have been able to cut the dose in half and have more frequent bowel movements, so I feel like I am making significant progress.

The bottom line is, I suggest you look at non-western medicine cures, and approach your problem with methods that directly deals with the problem that causes IBS.

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