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Need your help piecing together the puzzle


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I'm an early 20's male. Over the last year I've been experiencing what start out as mostly diarrhea that came on very suddenly (no problems before) and became alternating over time. This is ruining my life but I feel like I could be close to an answer.


  • Two breath tests, glucose and lactulose negative (though I've seen some posts saying these aren't that accurate)

  • An Xray I had showed a largish stool burden (Which was counterintuitive cause I constantly have type 5 - 6 stools)

  • Cutting out Diary and gluten seem to help but not much

  • Exercise helps a tiny bit

  • Blood tests good besides low folate

  • No blood, multiple FIT tests

  • No inflammation on stool tests

  • Weight is stable

  • Endoscopy showed some motility problems with small intensine

  • Trying to get colonscopy but it's very difficult for me due to geographic demand and age

I've experienced a few days where I felt normal. The common pattern with these is they seem to happen after violent episodes of diarrhea. One of them I was sick barely eating for a few days (mostly liquids only like soup) and everything was coming out liquid; after the sickness cleared up I was COMPLETELY normal for 2 days.

I usually have constipation with soft type 5/6 stools for days and then everything comes out. It's painful and hard to predict.

Anyone else have soft constipation? Is it possible there is some blockage or tumor? I am so confused at this point after trying many things

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Jeffrey Roberts

If it gives you any comfort, I was in my 20's when I finally figured out what was going on with me so good that you are tackling this rather than just living with it.

The X-ray might be a clue. Is it possible that you are actually having overflow diarrhea from constipation? I know you don't feel like you are constipated; however, the large stool burden might be a clue.

When you say no inflammation on stool tests, do you mean a fecal calprotectin stool test?

Weight is stable is good.

What do you mean by endoscopy? I'm confused because she say that you want a colonoscopy, Does "endoscopy" mean to you something that is actually called gastroscopy - where they insert a camera from your mouth?

Did your blood test look at CRP?

You are not mentioning pain. Do you not have abdominal pain?

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Hey Jeff, appreciate the reply. 

Yes I'm thinking the X-ray could mean it's constipation with overflow. I'm just not sure how to fix that.
Yes no inflammation means calprotectin.
Endoscopy was an EGD

Never had CRP tested.
I have a lot of nauseating pain, lower left abdomen. Subsides with BM.

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Jeffrey Roberts

I don't think you are going to like the treatment for constipation because it seems not so intuitive given you are having normal'ish stools except for the diarrhea. Using Miralax or even Metamucil might be an option.

CRP measures whether general inflammation is present. I suspect it will be normal.

If you are really concerned, I'd suggest either an MRE (MR Enterography) or CTE (CT Enterography) that will give you a full picture of your abdomen and digestive tract. I kind of think you really don't need either, but I'd do that before asking for a colonoscopy.

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