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New member with IBS (m)

Terry R

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Hello all. I've had IBS for 16 years now, which was initially triggered by a bout of campylobacter. 

Over the past few years it has gotten much worse to the point of being very debilitating and in charge of my day, 24/7. Very occasionally I have the odd day I get a bit of respite for a part of the day, which I take advantage of as best I can, and it reminds me of what it used to feel like to be 'normal'.

The NHS has essentially abandoned me. It appears to be IBS (m) - I say appears as no doctor has even ever called it a type. The last, and seemingly final, conversation I had with the gastro specialist was that because it's complex, they can't give me medication for either constipation or diarrhea, because it would make one or the other worse. And perhaps I would benefit from CBT, which they never followed up on. 

Over the years I've tried all the usual things. Various meds, avoiding or giving up food types, FODMAP, hypnotherapy. However, from reading up on line there appears to be various treatments or meds I have never been offered. 

I would be interested to hear anything at all from anyone that has a similar condition and found anything that works, or at least helps a little bit. 

Also to say to everyone that, well it goes without saying this being an IBS forum, you are not suffering alone. 

My experience is that a lot people think IBS is just having a bit of a dogy tummy when it's so much more and all consuming than that. I can understand why people would think that if they haven't experienced it, but here is one person that at least understand what you are going through. And also if you feel that the NHS has put you in a 'no hope' box.  

Thanks for reading this and take care. 





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