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April is IBS Awareness Month

Jeffrey Roberts

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Jeffrey Roberts

ibs-awarness-month-icon.png.4e69365abd743616b7937f4c21918ddc.png April is IBS Awareness Month, a time to both raise awareness as to what it is like to live with IBS and a time for those who think they have IBS to seek a diagnosis and discuss treatment options with their physician. Many treatment options are available. You do not have to suffer silently alone.


For IBS Awareness Month, IBS Patient is sharing their smartphone Restroom Access Card which can be used in the event that you need immediate access to a restroom. We support the initiative by Allyson Bain to make it easier for suffers to gain access to a restroom, via The Restroom Access Act.

Follow these instructions to use the smart card on your smartphone:
1. On your smartphone browser (Safari on an iPhone, Chrome on Android), go to www.ibspatient.org/restroom-access-card
2. Turn your smartphone sideways after loading to see the complete restroom access card on the screen.
3. Bookmark this URL in your browser or take a picture of the screen so that you have the Restroom Access Card in your photo library.





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