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I suffered for quite awhile before realizing that IBS had sub names. My Family Practice MD started me on Linzess 145 mcg, and there was less straining and better BM’s, however I had to block off 4-5 hours on the mornings I took the medication. I began taking it every other day and sometimes every third day, if I needed to attend to something two mornings in a row. So I started researching if you took a daily dose, maybe the TOT (time on toilet) would decrease to something more of a “normal” BM. I found out that I should be taking the higher dose (290 mcg) which I will take care of at my next appointment. But I haven’t found anything about daily vs every other day and reducing the TOT. I have been guilty of not drinking enough water in the morning, but other than that and the every other day dosing, I remain home bound on my Linzess days. Anyone have experience of going from every other day to daily? Or any advice that could help? Thank you so much. 

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Jeffrey Roberts


Your story sounds familiar as many people have said that they had to play with the dosage to find what is right for them.

There was a posting about taking it on an empty stomach, with a meal, morning or night and the effects that it has. You might search for that.

The good news is that it sounds like you are on the right track.

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