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New Diagnosis/ requiring Low FODMAP Diet


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I would like to know how I get through this?

I've had issues since Christmas 2023.  Please help. I hate living like this.

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Did not help me at all I had stomach pain all that goods stuff for the the month I did this I made an Excel to track everything. The food what time and when I had to go poop and long I was in the bathroom and what the BM was like and the pain level. Today they have a lot of poop apps but I have not seen any that track they way I need  one of them had a max time in bathroom of 90mins and I was like I wish.


This tool could be a big help but I feel like you need to get to the point that your not having any problems when you start so you can know if food or if your just inflamed! When my stomach really killing me a glass of room temp water can send me to the bathroom for hours.


I put one of my logs in the file I used a lot of codes in the file so I could fill it out fast so when I did get out of the bathroom the last thing I wanted to do was sit at a desk and write and report about food and poop so I made it so I could do it fast and go to bed or back to the bathroom. Best of luck

lowfob food log.xlsx

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Jeffrey Roberts
On 5/30/2024 at 9:13 PM, Bry374 said:

I need  one of them had a max time in bathroom of 90mins and I was like I wish.

90 mins is very excessive. If you are having diarrhea consistently for 90 mins, it might be worth exploring other causes.

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