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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)


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Has your GI doctor ever discussed small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?

For the 1st time in 5 yrs mine did and its because I brought it up. After all the normal imaging and tests, I did, I continued my search and found this "possibility" that its what I might have.

She prescribed an antibiotic which she says is very safe because your body doesnt absorb it, it goes into the intestine and fights the "bad" bacteria. 

Xifaxan 550mg tablet is what she prescribed.

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Jeffrey Roberts

My doctor has never discussed SIBO. Yes, Xifaxan is the treatment; however, in many cases the symptoms come back. You cannot stay on Xifaxan permanently. It can only be used 3 prescriptions in a row.

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There is a test for SIBO, I would not take meds for it unless it was properly diagnosed. The test takes several hours, it involves drinking a sugary fluid and then your breath is tested at intervals for methane or hydrogen. There is also an endoscopic test I'm less familiar with.

Our familiy's GI doc said the incidence is less common so they don't normally test for it till everything else + has been eliminated (bad pun). However, my reading indicates the US prevalence may be increasing.

Here is a peer reviewed article summary from the Journal of Clinical Medicine.


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Quick update..  I ended up testing positive for SIBO. My hydrogen levels were through the roof. I took the antibiotic and I swear it was like new life was given to me. The energy, no pains, no bloating, no cramping, no Diarrhea. Until the final days of the 2 week antibiotic. Diarrhea came back and probably because I had an eggroll. I felt so normal I thought I could eat whatever I wanted. 


Fast foward a month after the antibiotics, I get Diarrhea once a week still (I take Hyoscyamine) but I have to say if I watch my diet its been much better than before the treatment. 


And speaking of treatments... my Naturapathy doctor had me on special supplements to make sure the antibiotic was most effective and to make sure my gut was getting proper treatment.


Right now all I take is Metamuci twice daily, SIBO-MMC twice and D and B vitamins. As well as Protandim.


Incredible doctors dont do this SIBO test. No surprise actually. 



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