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Is this IBS-C or something else? And any advice?


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So it kinda sounds silly, but I've been researching IBS-C and I've been it a lot of pain but I'm not sure if it fits the definition. So essentially, I'll have stomach pain and bloating and gas all day, but then I'll finally have a bowel movement at the end of the day. I rarely go a day without pooping, which makes me question my constipation, but it really feels like I will until I get to the end of the day. When I finally go, sometimes it's hard and small, sometimes diarrhea, and then other times it just looks normal. In between my flareups, I actually have pretty large movements so it's kinda funny. Does that sound like it could still be IBS-C even though I go everyday? 

I'm also pretty new to IBS. I was diagnosed 10 years ago, but almost forgot about it just because my flareups got better for awhile. But now it's just pain. I'm still learning to manage, so any advice would be great. I'm a 24 year old woman, have a fairly active job, and I would say my diet isn't perfect but I eat a variety of foods(like for example the dinner menu this week has included spaghetti and cauliflower, pork chops and pasta salad, and ham and potato and kale). I drink a lot of water and coffee and eat a lot of fiber(love Olipops), so it feels odd I'm getting these flareups so much. 

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