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Work pains


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I was born with IBS-C I’m now 18 and finding life harder and harder to get by with my symptoms. I currently take propylene Glycol, but I get mixed reactions, including week long constapation, do a morning of severely bad diarrhea and constant bathroom trips. I’m getting almost undiscriable stomach pain at work, and after working for 5 day I noticed I always get sick around 4:00 pm. I noticed ice packs for a while help with the pain but, I throw-up at work after hours of constant pain and now feel almost completely alone and lost. I feel more like a burden to my team than an asset and I’m not sure how to make my sintoms at work subsided enough to put in  a valued part of the bakery I work in. Is there anything I can do to help feel less alone? And make the pain disappear? Please help- Kaos a scared young adult.

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Jeffrey Roberts


I have never heard of anyone born with IBS-C, but I understand that you have been living with this a long time and it is miserable and scary to think this is how you have to live.

Have you seen the clinical study for people younger than 18 listed on our website? It might be something you would like to consider if they will take you because you are now 18, https://www.ibspatient.org/childrens-ibs-c-study/

Propylene glycol, namely miraLAX is used by quite a few people; however, since you are 18 there are medications specifically for your IBS-C. Can you talk to your family doctor seeing if any of them are right for you? They might ease your pain and let you get back to a more normal life.

Suffering with any illness can be very lonely. IBS has the burden of it being about poop and nobody wants to hear about poop.

We are hear to listen and support.

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