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Diagnose IBS or not


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2 minutes ago, mike2112 said:

IBS-To diagnose or not ?

I've had countless blood/stool/urine/coeliac etc etc tests and the doctors can find nothing wrong with my guts.They also told me it COULD be IBS but that the condition is almost impossible to diagnose,yet looking at things like Buscopan it reads-"Not to be taken unless diagnosed with IBS".....if IBS is impossible to diagnose then what is the point in a tablet for it ?.Anyone have any clues as I'm absolutely sick of it.

Thank you.


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Jeffrey Roberts


The Rome Criteria for diagnosing IBS is the gold standard. It is a pretty good algorithm that doctors can follow. Unfortunately you are not alone when a doctor says "could be" IBS. It shouldn't be that way. It is either IBS or something else.

You might review this page, https://www.ibspatient.org/about-ibs/diagnosis/

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