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Things are just stuck


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My IBS-C goes like this. I have at least two movements a day. My stools are some firm and some a bit softer. They make it into my rectum and I feel the urge to go. Then I get to the toilet right away. At that point the urge to push them out disappears!! I try to focus on my pelvic floor muscles I’m still working on that. I’m sitting there with a load but unable to get started. I’m using as little manual ( fingers) extraction as possible and pushing at the same time.

please don’t tell me I’m focusing on a bowel movement too much. If I give up I just feel like a little kid with a full diaper. How do I improve my ability to push my stools out without a gloved hand and lubrication?

I’ve thought about not eating for a day to give me a respite from the bathroom and my butt some time to rest. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Ugh. This is not an uncommon problem and nonetheless it's uncomfortable and unnerving.

Does it improve anything if you were to eat foods with soluble fiber to increase the volume and ease to pass?

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