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IBS-C and cold chills, dizziness, nausea - Can we ever get a break?


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I've suffered from IBS-C symptoms since getting clean and sober after 12 years of alcohol and drug abuse. I never had any symptoms before, but I was also young, and am now well into my 30s. I always assumed the IBS-C symptoms must have been there and I was too messed up to notice. But maybe getting sober is what brought it on. Who knows? 

Anyway, even though I have insurance through a local government job (should be good insurance, right?) I can't afford Linzess, even though my doctor thinks it would be the best option at this point. So for now I only take Dicyclomine for the stomach cramps as needed. But obviously that's just helping the stomach pain and nothing else. I make sure to take fiber supplements and incorporate it into my diet but that doesn't seem to help much. 

In addition to the normal IBS-C symptoms, I also have constant nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness upon standing (everytime I stand) and cold chills and sweats. I just want one day of not being in pain or suffering. Idk what else I can do to help myself. 

Also just wanted to say that I'm so glad I stumbled upon this support group. I have felt so very alone since the beginning of my IBS journey and it seems no one in my life has or understands the condition or symptoms or the severity of what I'm going through. To everyone else I just have a 'tummy ache'. Its beyond infuriating. So thanks for creating this group where I can find some understanding from others going through the same pain. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello and thanks for stumbling upon us.

I agree, your alcohol and drug abuse (depending on the drug) might have masked your IBS-C.

Dicyclomine can actually contribute to constipation. Have you ever called the Linzess help line to talk to them about getting access for less $$. I am going to a medical conference this weekend and will talk to the makers of it to ask about their patient assist program.

Stay tuned.

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I was an alcoholic for a good number of years before being sober for 8 and then getting IBS-C.   I just started taking Linzess and was able to get approved for a 90-day prescription for $30.   Weird thing was that by the time I got approved got to my pharmacy for pick up, they said my insurance provider came through and the cost was $0.  The first time I tried to buy it the cost was $516.  

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