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Struggling with balance of constipation and diarrhea


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I have IBS and struggle with the balance of constipation and diarrhea, along with TONS of bloating & stomach pain.  My Dr recommended Plexus prebiotic products, has anyone tried these and found success?

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Jeffrey Roberts

I just came back from a digestive disease conference and there are still no guidelines for using probiotics. That doesn't mean that they won't necessarily help you. No evidence exists that it will help everyone.

I find with mixed IBS (constipation and diarrhea) that you cycle back and forth between the two. Since you listed constipation first I assume that's what you have most. Increasing fiber tends to help with both, but not the pain.

It's a tough combination to treat.

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I noticed no change with probiotics in pills. I'm trying fermented foods like sauerkraut that contain probiotics.

I agree w/ Jeffrey that increasing your fiber intact could help to have a more comfortable evacuation.

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