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Any guidance on recovering from a Colonoscopy?

Lisa J

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Hi Everyone,

I struggle with IBS-C with occasional bouts of IBS-D just recently (last year). I had a bowel obstruction in 2011 that resulted in surgery and 18" less small intestine. My tummy has been different since.

After failing a Miralax prep in March, I rescheduled a colonoscopy for May. I succeeded last week and had the procedure on Friday. I have diarrhea daily with an upset stomach on and off. The prep was awful. I am eating small low fodmap foods that are low residue. I am taking Visbiome twice a day for one more day, then back to one daily. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,


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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Lisa J,

I struggle to get back to normal after a colonoscopy. It takes me as long as 2 weeks. While Visbiome might help, trying to eat more and more each day, and something with fiber, is the best plan. If the diarrhea doesn't improve, then you should let your doctor know. It's rare, but possible to develop an infection from the procedure.

Given your history of a bowel obstruction I don't recommend using Imodium or anything that will stop you up.

Hang in there. I'm sure it will improve.

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