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Constant Bloating for 4 years


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Hi Everyone, 

                    I have had IBS for around 15 years now and generally managed it quite well with a low wheat diet. However in the last 4 years I have been constantly bloated. It is really quite uncomfortable and tiring. I have reduced bloating in the morning and then it just builds to a balloon sized level of bloating by the evening or sometimes the afternoon, which feels like I am going to pop. I have tried multiple diets including the: LOW FODMAP, increased fibre (this did improve the stools but didn't change the bloating) and countless others. I have also tried amitriptyline and different probiotics including Kefir yoghurt. Nothing stops it. I have had a calprotectin and colonoscopy which have both come back clear. Is there anything else I can try? It feels like it is ruling my life!

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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Jade,

It sounds like you have investigated all the right stuff. There's these two ideas for you that are a different approach. I can't endorse the approach. Maybe you can discuss with your doctor.



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