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How long have you been in the Bathroom?

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So I think I have IBS-D

I have never gotten a 100% Doctor to say this is the the problem but they say maybe they just five me a lot of pills and send me to $$ lab test and scans but no help and when nothing works they do not want to try something new they want to send me to new Doctor and start at step 1 not step 50.  I have tried all the meals, all the pills, drugs, tea, fasting, and I live in the bathroom. To the point that I had to quit my job and its been a long time and I do not know what to do I not getting better. I can eat something feel okay the next day so I eat the same thing and then spend days in the bathroom.


Has anyone do anything that worked for them?


when I say I spend days on the pot i mean it I have run to the bathroom and been in it for days I have passed out more then one time on the pot every time I got up I would need to sit again pain and poop all the time.



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Jeffrey Roberts

Dear Bry374,

Can I please ask, which medications have you tried? What does your doctor say might be the cause, if not IBS?

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