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You can feel better I did - success please read - Probiotics and metamucil


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Hello - I have had terrible IBS for years with a lot of bloating.  It turns out I had gas-bloat syndrome and no one ever diagnosed me correctly until I saw multiple GI specialists.   I finally saw one who knew what he was talking about.  He said it was a bacterial imbalance and prescribed me an over-the-counter probiotic called VSL3.  You can order it on amazon.  It is not readily available in grocery stores.  It is the only probiotic I have ever used that has actually worked.  He also prescribed me Metamucil wafers - 6 per day, building up to that amount over a couple of weeks slowly.  It took a couple of months but then I started feeling dramatically better and the bloating stopped completely.  I had been on a low-fodmap diet for years and I am gradually coming off that and able to eat normal foods again.  I can even eat garlic and onions, which I have not been able to touch for years!  I wanted to share with you because I was so desperately sick I felt like I wanted to die before.  Now I feel like a normal human being again.  Please keep going to GI specialists until your problem is resolved and don't stop until you find one who helps you.  Try the above regimen with VSL3 and Metamucil wafers every day.  This saved my life 😊

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Jeffrey Roberts

Glad to hear that something like this helped you. Congrats!

VSL#3 has a bit of a checkered past. It was using a particular formulation that then moved to the product Visbiome. VSL#3 was reformulated and the manufacturers has not shared exactly what are the ingredients. While it helped you, you it's hard to widely recommend this as there may be allergens in it that we are not aware of and someone else might run into troubles with it.

Thanks for sharing! 😀

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