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Long term Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) now adding IBS-C


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I was diagnosed with IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, over 25 years ago.   I've had a relatively mild case,  with periodic flare ups over the years.   Recently,  I was diagnosed with IBS-C, having the bloating, pains, blood and periodic constipation symptoms that were just enough different from my UC for me to look further into. (Cause UC for 25 years wasn't enough fun).  I tried to find out if anyone in this group had the combo 1-2 punch of IBD with IBS-C but i could not find any titles that sounded like it.   Just wondering if anyone else can relate. The challenges of this newer IBS-C dx are much harder than my IBD 😞.

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Sharon128,

I have IBS-M (mixed) and IBD, but mine is Crohn's colitis - in my colon. It's treated like UC since many of the Crohn's meds - besides biologics - don't reach the sigmoid or rectum area, but the UC ones do.

I went from IBS-D to IBS-M over the years. Often IBS-M becomes IBS-C so I can relate.

I'll admit that all of the IBS-C medication research excluded anyone with IBD, so you are a unique snowflake in the IBS-C world.

What is your doctor recommending?

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