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IBS and cyst on kidney, possible fatty liver


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I have suffered with IBS with chronic diarrhea since my teens and am now in my forties, with ups and downs with my my symptoms. The past several months have been particularly bad with severe bloating, gas, and diarrhea. I have swelling under my left rib that was recently diagnosed as a cyst on my kidneys and my doctor also said I have some signs of a fatty liver. Has anyone with IBS experienced this before, is there a connection between the two?


I am awaiting a colonoscopy ( last one in 2013 confirmed IBS diagnosis) and an appointment with a dietician and gastroentinologist. 

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hi Maddie,

I am not aware of any connection between kidney cysts, fatty liver and IBS. IBS isn't associated with any other disorders or illnesses; albeit you can have IBD (Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis) and IBS-like symptoms. Fibromyalgia also has an IBS component.

My understanding is that fatty liver is not all that uncommon. I'm not sure at what stage do doctor's become concerned about that.

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