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Four years of abdominal pain/discomfort


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My doctor hasn't diagnosed me with IBS, but from my own research I'm pretty sure that's what it has come to. 

A little over 4 years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident where I sustained a bruised abdominal wall. A few months later I started having stomach issues. Which mostly consisted of really bad Gerd symptoms. 

Over the next few years I had 2 endoscopies, several CT scans,  h. Pylori tests,  blood work and x rays. All the while taking several different types of antacids and protonics that didn't work,  with no answers.

Earlier this year I found a new GI doctor who told me that I have visceral hypersensitivity from the motorcycle accident, and over the years it has affected my gut to cause these symptoms.  He prescribed nortriptyline for the pain, and it definitely helps with the pain but I still have IBS symptoms. I'm constantly bloated, sometimes constipated, sometimes have diarrhea, and uncomfortable pressure in my abdomen. I know my symptoms aren't that bad after reading what other people are going through, but I could use some help. 

I know this is a long post, but I'm hoping for advice on how to treat these symptoms. Has therapy helped anyone with dealing with this? 

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I signed up for Nerva, which is hypnotherapy and they have brief articles on IBS.  I have found it helpful in managing my anxiety around the pain.  This is my second go around with the program, but you only have to pay for it once and you can use it as many times as you need.  You're not alone in your suffering!

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Jeffrey Roberts

Hello @Amado,

I'm sorry to hear about the serious motorcycle accident. I have never heard of IBS starting this way. From your description it seems like this started as an upper GI issue. Is it possible that you damaged your pancreas or gallbladder? This could cause symptoms like you have described.

The nortriptyline can help turn down the "volume" on your nerves so that it helps with pain. It could also slow down your gut and give you constipation. Amitryptline 

Have you ever checked your pancreas with an elastase stool test? It's a little different than the usual blood test.

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