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Anxiety and Stress

Jack R. Bosch

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I am getting very little support from my insurance Provider.  Kaiser. Permanente in terms of nutritionist, mental therapy and gastroenterology. They are very dismissive and of little help in recommending pain medication.  I would like to hear of how others are handling the IBS.  I do some exercise on my recumbent bike and some walking. I also do breathing exercises and mindfulness practice. I do live alone am 87 years old with no family and only acquaintances while living in a senior living facility. I have type C IBS as well as Gerd and a hiatal hernia.prior to contracting IBS. KP doctors are working part time these days as a result of protecting themselves from experiences of Covid. ( concern about burnout ) It is difficult to get an appointment. The 2 meds they have provided Bentryl and Cymbalta are giving me lots of side effects. Most days I feel too Ill with stomach pain to eat properly of venture out of my apartment.  I am a Christian and this helps, but I am amazed at the fact that no one else here has IBS and have little knowledge of what it is all about; so, I don't have anyone to boast me up so to speak. I am on blood thinners which keeps me away from CBD, which I would try if it did not have an effect of blood thinning. If anyone is around my age and wishes to get in touch I would certainly like to form a relationship. If so, contact me and I will furnish further contact details.  Thank you.  Jack R. Bpsch

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Jeffrey Roberts
On 7/4/2024 at 9:48 PM, Jack R. Bosch said:

I am amazed at the fact that no one else here has IBS

I think a lot of people who have never been formerly diagnosed with IBS think that living with constipation or diarrhea is normal.

We are here for you Jack.

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