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I have solved my IBS puzzle


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My name is Alison. I have had digestive problems for as long as I can remember- and IBS for about 25 years. I'm British. As a young adult I lived in Belgium and Germany with no problem, but when I moved to France my IBS started. I was sent to France as part of my degree course to teach English. I found myself in a school in the middle of nowhere, with no teaching materials, no photocopier, no experience teaching, teaching kids almost my age - and locked in the school on my own at weekends.

After a few months I had a bout of what felt like gastroenteritis. But it lasted for weeks.

I went to see a mature old-school French doctor. We had a very sketch-like conversation where he asked me my symptoms and I replied with the only terms I had ever heard that i realize now were not very classy. When he asked me "And how are your stools?" I had to ask him what stools were.

I was passed from doctor to specialist to doctor. I had a colonoscopy and was told I had IBS and that I would probably have it all my life. My epiglottis was not correctly formed and that was what was causing reflux and digestive problems. Despite my IBS, I got married to a Frenchman.

My IBS-D became IBS-C, which was more manageable, but more painful too. I developed bouts of depression and anxiety. Over time, my symptoms changed. I felt I could never keep up. I realized I had fructose and lactose intolerance, and keeping trigger foods out of my diet helped.

After a series of deaths, changing regions, jobs, complicated pregnancies and finally having my job axed, my symptoms took a dive for the worse. I got to the point where I was bloating up 2 dress sizes every day and felt awful day in day out. One day the back of my head started bloating, giving me migraines. I knew then I had to do something about it fast -and that I was on my own. 

I had been researching IBS for a while, but by trying a variety of different techniques I worked out my puzzle.

Understanding how IBS works is really key. I have set up a blog called SickofIBS.com which I hope will help other IBS sufferers move forward.

I hope it will give you some inspiration.


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