IBS Chat Episode 14: How Ernie Molina developed IBS after antibiotics and how Mary Molina helped him with Lola Snacks bars

Ernie Molina is someone who developed IBS after a being placed on antibiotic therapy by his dentist for 6 months after dental implants. His dentist felt that Ernie’s gut discomfort could be managed by eating yogurt. This did not work for Ernie. Before the dental work, Ernie described his health as good and enjoyed a wide variety of foods. This all changed following the antibiotics. Fortunately Ernie’s wife Mary had developed a bar which had few ingredients due to their daughter Lola needing a gentle snack food. When probiotics were added to the bar, Ernie began to return to a normal life. That’s when the Lola Snacks Probiotic Energy Bar took off.

In my conversation with Ernie and Mary Molina, Ernie tells his story when and how he was diagnosed with IBS and how he felt after eating the Lola Snacks bars. Mary shares details about how the bar was developed and plans for the future including wide distribution of the bar and an interest in a research clinical trial to understand why Lola Snacks bars eased Ernie’s IBS symptoms. You can find our more information about Lola Snacks at https://lolasnacks.com/

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