IBS Chat Episode 15: My IBS story and advocacy journey as told to Tuft’s University School of Medicine Students

Jeffrey Roberts, Founder IBSpatient.org, had the opportunity to share his IBS story and advocacy journey with first year medical students at Tuft’s University School of Medicine. He was interviewed by Dr. Libby Bradshaw, Patient Experience Threads Director and Assistant professor, Public Health and Community Medicine. Dr. Bradshaw’s session with the students was to focus on the patient experience of IBS and abdominal pain.

Jeffrey was very pleased to share his early years of being diagnosed and how he began becoming a patient advocate. He also touched on his IBD diagnosis later in life and how IBS and IBD are different for him. They spoke about the stigma that IBS patients encounter from family and the medical community as well as a doctor’s perspective and what Jeffrey believes is important for medical students to know.

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Werq Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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