IBS Chat Episode 16: Mahana IBS is an FDA-cleared clinically proven digital app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to reduce IBS

Mahana IBS is a new FDA-cleared clinically proven digital treatment app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to reduce IBS symptom severity. Manaha reports that nearly 2 in 3 patients using Mahana IBS find relief for their IBS symptoms. My guest was Dr. Luisa Scott who is the Director of Medical Affairs at Mahana. We learn what Medical Affairs do for an organization and how CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, acts on the brain-gut-axis to manage IBS symptoms. Dr. Scott describes the research which supports a digital CBT program for IBS and whether this approach is right for everyone. Patients of course need to talk to their healthcare provider and receive a prescription in order to gain access to the digital app.

For more information about Mahana IBS visit https://www.mahana.com/treatments/ibs

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