IBS Chat Episode 7: FoodMarble’s AIRE, the portable breath test device to help you find the foods that agree with your digestive system

FoodMarble’s AIRE is the first portable breath test device that can measure gases which might help to identify which foods you are not absorbing and producing excess gases and which are causing your IBS-like symptoms.

Breath tests are used to detect gases which are produced by bacterial fermentation and are then passed through your breath. Excess hydrogen or methane breath gases can lead to a diagnosis of malabsorption, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrown (SIBO) or can be a key tigger of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)-like symptoms including diarrhea, constipation gas and bloating. The low FODMAP diet is an evidenced based diet for IBS to help you determine which foods might be your triggers. Breath tests might be useful as a way to determine which foods are safe and FoodMarble’s AIRE portable breath device makes doing this simple. More information and details about how to order the AIRE breath device are available on the FoodMarble website, https://www.FoodMarble.com. See what’s in the box when we unbox’ed it, https://bit.ly/2XzpA4S.

Aonghus Shortt,PhD Co-Founder & CEO, and Claire Shortt,PhD Chief Scientist from FoodMarble were my guests while at Digestive Disease Week in San Diego. They explained what was the purpose in creating the AIRE breath test device, how does it work and how this might benefit an IBS sufferer especially when it comes to analyzing foods in a low FODMAP diet.