FODMAP Registered Dietitian Directory

The Registered Dietitians listed in our directory below have indicated that they are educated in the low FODMAP Diet and are using the low FODMAP Diet as therapy for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Registered Dietitians who are experienced or trained in the low FODMAP Diet approach can individualize the low FODMAP Diet to help achieve best results and ensure your diet is nutritionally adequate.

This directory is provided as a public service. Please note the IBS Patient Support Group does not endorse the dietetic services and products provided by the Dietitians listed. Please make your own enquiries regarding the suitability of the below-named persons for your treatment.

You might also consider the following directories to locate a low FODMAP Registered Dietitian:

If you are a Registered Dietitian that is actively using the low FODMAP Diet as therapy for IBS patients and would like to be considered for our low FODMAP Registered Dietitian list, please contact us to add your information to this page.

Dietitian AddressCityStateCountryZipcodeDonate NumberEmail/Instagram/Facebook/TwitterWebsiteNotes
Taletha Bennett, RD CDEServices offered virtuallyReginaSKCanada306-290-6876[email protected]LinkExpertly trained by the University of Saskatchewan as a Registered Dietitian, and certified in the low-FODMAP and holistic treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive issues through Monash University.
Esther Schultz, MS RDNServices offered via telehealth and via phone sessions.United States323-578-8798[email protected]LinkEsther specializes in digestive health and autoimmune conditions. She works regularly with clients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren's, type 2 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. She also works with people experiencing mystery symptoms like unexplained fatigue, hair loss, vertigo, migraines, bloating, reflux, anxiety and depression. Esther has been trained on the use of a low FODMAP diet for IBS by Monash University.
Gillian Killiner, RDNServices offered virtuallyNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom+44 (0) 7717392306[email protected]LinkMedical evidence based Low FODMAPS Elimination Diet available in Northern Ireland for IBS Sufferers since 2011 practiced by Principal Dietitian Gillian Killiner post specialist training @ Kings College, London.
Yuliya Gudkova, RDN, LDNServices offered via telehealth and via phone sessions.ChicagoILUnited States[email protected]
Insta: @ibs.control
FB: @theibs.control
LinkRegistered Dietitian who specializes in digestive disorders including IBS. Yuliya is also a Monash University trained dietitian in the low FODMAP diet. Provides medical nutrition therapy (MNT) counselling sessions which are designed to meet individual needs.
Sima Kaganas, MS, RDN, LDServices offered virtuallyUnited States916-633-1626[email protected]Link15 years of experience helping people with chronic health conditions optimize their health through evidence based nutrition therapy. Specialize in gut health and all the conditions impacted by it including digestive disorders (IBD, colitis, IBS, GERD, SIBO), autoimmunity, and mental health conditions (autism, PANDAS, PANS, migraine).
Lindsay Henley, RDN, RYTServices offered virtuallyUnited StatesInsta: @TheFODMAPdietitian
FB: @TheFODMAPdietitian
LinkRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Passionate about gut health (IBS specifically and FODMAP), yoga, and coaching people who are suffering from abdominal pain, bloating, altered bowel habits, and chronic stress to help implement practical solutions to their health problems.
Katrina Cox, RDN Katrina Cox Nutrition LLCServices offered virtuallyUnited States401-305-0331[email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitan Nutritionist and owner of Katrina Cox Nutrition. I specialize in gut health, IBS and the low FODMAP diet, and women’s wellness.
Jen Cuozzo, RDN, LD, Co-Founder, Allied Performance, LLCServices offered in-person and virtuallyLas VegasNVUnited States702-427-3874[email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist and
FODMAP Trained Specialist through Monash University
Cari Riker, RDN, LDN, CDE, Riker Nutrition Consulting, LLC1604 Westgate Circle, Suite 240

Also offers telehealth/virtual services
BrentwoodTNUnited States37027615-241-6332[email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in digestive health, and helping people with IBS identify their triggers through the Low FODMAP diet
Antonella Dewell, MS, RDNServices offered in-person and virtuallySanta Cruz/CapitolaCAUnited States408-455-3710[email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitian specialized in the low FODMAP diet for IBS. I have a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science from San Jose State University. I have specialized in digestive diseases and completed the Monash University training on the low FODMAP diet because I want to make a difference in the lives of people with IBS, SIBO, and IBD. Services are offered in-person and virtually.
Ashley Oswald, RDN, IFNCP, CNSC, CLT, LDServices offered virtuallyUnited States612-805-7142 (text-friendly)[email protected]LinkAshley has completed training from Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, the University of Minnesota, and the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (7 years of formal education in nutrition science). Services are offered virtually.
Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN88 Main Street South #BA-3SouthburyCTUnited States06488516-946-0543[email protected]
Insta: @goodnessgraciousliving
Twitter: @GGLiving
LinkRegistered Dietitian with expertise in digestive disorders and eating disorders practicing from the Health At Every Size® paradigm. I am a FODMAP educator and counselor and public speaker educating the public and healthcare communities. Services also offered virtually.
Lauren Adler Dear, MS, RDN50 Congress StreetBostonMAUnited States02109617-651-2332 [email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitian who is a specialist in nutrition therapy for digestive health and eating disorders
Erica Ilton, RDN, CDN16 East 41st StreetNew YorkNew YorkUnited States10017917-734-6500 [email protected]LinkRegistered Dietitian and journalist specializing in Digestive Disorders. Graduate of the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet Training Course for health professionals. Nutrition counseling offered in office and via phone.
Colene Stoernell MS, RDN, LDN 727 S 72nd Street Springfield OR United States 97478 562-587-9648 [email protected] Link
Danielle Capalino, MSPH, RD, CDNServices offered virtually United States (646) 780-9539 [email protected] Link Registered Dietitian and Author specializing in Digestive Wellness. Services offered virtually.
Kate Scarlata RDN 4 Lincoln Street Medway MA United States 02053 508-533-0800Insta: @katescarlata
Twitter: @KateScarlata_RD
Link Registered Dietitian, author and low FODMAP diet educator
Patsy Catsos MS, RDN, LD 805 Stevens Avenue Portland ME United States 04103Insta: @pcatsos
Twitter: @CatsosIBSFreeRD
Link Medical nutrition therapist, FODMAP expert, and author
Reiko Sudduth, MS, RDN Services offered internationally United States Link One-on-one therapy, group classes and online courses to help patients resolve SIBO, heal their digestive tract and manage symptoms. Eat with confidence and freely participate in life again!
Debra Thomas 12, Windsor Clive Drive, St Fagans Cardiff South Wales, UK United Kingdom CF5 6HQ +44 7754 901784 [email protected] Link I am a Registered Dietitian with the Health Care Professions Council, a member of the British Dietetic Association and a listed member of the BDA's Freelance Dietitians Group. As a Nutrition Consultant and Advanced Practitioner, I have over 18 years' experience of advising on a range of therapeutic diets. My area of expertise is functional bowel disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I am certified by King's College, London to deliver tailormade advice on the low FODMAP diet as an effective treatment for IBS. I offer one to one sessions in consulting rooms in locations across South Wales or via Skype. To date, I have advised 270 people with over 75% success rate. See my website for more information and testimonials.
Lee Martin MSc RD London United Kingdom Skype: LeeMartinRD [email protected] Link Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, Author and FODMAP Researcher
Rachel Zibe Newcastle Physiotherapy, 75 Featherstone Grove, Newcastle Great Park, Gosforth Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear United Kingdom NE3 5RF 0191 217 1929 [email protected] Link One to one consultations for IBS and low fodmap advice in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Lorraine Maher Dublin Ireland 00353877733551 [email protected] Link Registered Dietitian, FODMAP trained at KCL London, Co-author of 'Gut Feeling', low FODMAP cookbook and reference guide. Offer Skype consultations for IBS.

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