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  1. Ive seen doctors from emergencies and mine and i have an appoitment with a specialist the 30th but the pain soesnt let me rest and i have a strong sleeping pill that usually help me sleep this night despite ascice to avoid at best i took tramadol and woke up soon 5 hoirs after the pain was back i called the emergency desesperate in pain tired, told me to take another tramadol and they cant do much I even call suicide hotline because im at the edge with my eating disorder and ibs Help the pain is killing me and the doctors i saw seem not to know how to help with it and advice it not to take frequently tramadol which contrary to the other med ive been given calms the pain but thry told me it gives constipation and is too strong and very addictive. I agree its strong and its hard but i need to rest, im lost i need help i ask for help but its so hard to be heard and helped because ibs doesnt kill u so i feel the message is deal with the pain Please please help me give me advice im so tired its painful physically and mentally ive tried lot of led and see several doctors, please if u read this help me please...
  2. Because i was in light hypoglycemia (0,59) and was feeling too unwell due to struggling a lot eating(because ibs makes it hard and also triggers more my anorexia) I tried eating a little but with worry Right now, because i was shaking too much feeling dizzy and really weak, i tried eating some green beans with a little bit of carrots and potato, all this was boiled then put in the oven not to eat it cold as my body is really cold I also added a little bit of thyme and salt as its supposed to be ok to digest i read online My mom wants me to eat an sugar free Apple sauce she brought me btw becauseshe is worried, my worry is, is fructose ok? Do you think it can triggers bad pain? Im struggling more and more to eat as my ibs makes my anorexia very present ( i suffer from anorexia and bulimia since iver 10 years, ibs started rencently since 1 month) Any food you would be sure are ok and would not trigger pain to suggest? I have a lot of food my anorexia makes impossible for my mind to handle eating so dont hesitate to give the more example possible Thank you so much for any help I hope someone respond im so tired please help
  3. Super excited to be reporting on the proceedings & representing IBS Patients at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) in Chicago. 1 week to go! Follow me here on our website, on Twitter @ibspatient, and on our Fb page. Do you have any questions that you would like me to ask doctors, researchers or pharmaceuticals at the conference? Please add them here.
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